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Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you will find this website easy to navigate and provide the info you were looking for.

As many of you know the last music project of mine was a Christmas CD called “On Christmas Night” recorded and released in Christmas Season 2011. Definitely a family endeavor, produced by our son Justin, everything about it was far and above all I could ever have asked for. A timeless piece of art, I intend to gain some good mileage by taking it on the road again for at least a few more holiday seasons.

Being one that writes in the moment,  like my journals, there is no telling what or where this  music adventure will end up and that’s just the way I like it. Songs that tell a story, make you feel something and most definitely point you to Hope. There is a time to plant. a time to water, a time to gather. Next year will be the time to make music.

So, in the meantime if you are planning on your Christmas Scheduling now, consider giving me a glance. It will be here before you know it!



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Terri Lynn Weaver