“Winter White”

Terri Lynn Weaver is an award - winning gospel singer/songwriter, and has traveled the nation over thirty years in the music industry. She and her husband, Mike live in Lancaster Tennessee, where they are very active in their community.

She is a wife, mother, and grandmother of two. One day while holding her firstborn grandson she asked herself, “What kind of world will he grow up in and what can be done to influence that world?” Never giving any thought that one day she would be involved in politics, an opportunity to serve was presented, she accepted the challenge and answered the call to public service.

State Representative Weaver is serving her 3rd term in the General Assembly, Representative Weaver was secretary of the House Transportation Committee, Vice-Chair of the Sub-Committee of Transportation, and a member of the Agriculture Committee.

Believing that she was called to office “for such a time as this” to be salt and light, she brings her strong biblical world view to the political arena.